Previous Auctions

On this section, you can find the catalogues of our previous auctions, both in Italy  (the catalogues before 2006 are not available) both in Hong Kong starting from 2011. This section include the “concrete” history of Gelardini & Romani Wine Auction, the first Italian Auction House, skilled in wine and the first in Asia for the sale of Italian wines.

Auction Results

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Grand Cru Classification

The Classification concern the 30 most popular Italian wine labels and appreciated by collectors and investors around the world, classified according to the higher price levels and the lower percentage of unsold lots, registered by Gelardini & Romani Wine Auction. The method of classification of Grand Cru of Italy follows the one used for the Grand Cru classification of Bordeaux. After more than 150 years the classification of 1855 is still valid because it is based on the only objective measure: the price, to help determine what are the labels that actually collect the most interest from the public .